2019 Membership Registration Season Closed

Stay Tuned for Season 3 membership announcements

Thank you for your interest in joining The 3252, LAFC’s official Independent Supporters Union.

New-member registration is closed for the season. The 3252 membership registration season runs March-July each season.

Current 3252 memberships are valid through February 2020, with Season 3 membership registrations opening March 2020.

All members must re-register each season – this is not a lifetime membership and there are no automatic renewals.

*The 3252 membership – or membership in one of our nine official supporter groups – does not guarantee single-match or season tickets.

Member Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The 3252 Membership Rules and Regulations

The 3252 ISU Member Code of Conduct

Código de Conducta de la 3252 UIA

How to Access Your Digital 3252 Membership Card**

Members-Only 3252 Facebook Group

For inquires, contact The 3252 Membership Director at membership@the3252.com.*

Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with supporter events, away match travel details, player updates and more.

* Emails containing questions that can be answered by viewing one of our Member Resources will not receive a response.

** For all questions, concerns or complaints regarding The 3252 Digital Membership Card, please email benny.tran@lafc.com. Do not email membership@the3252.com – you will not receive a response.