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Disclaimer: To purchase multiple memberships at once, please click the “Join The 3252” button below for each membership and fill out the member data form. Do not alter the quantity amount at checkout.* Please review this explainer for visual detail.

For those wishing to purchase multiple memberships: To ensure your membership is fully accepted and official, we suggest everyone register and pay for only one membership at a time. We understand this may be tedious, but it will ensure a complete registration and separate packet tracking number per order.

Eligibility: Please read The 3252 Membership Rules and Regulations below before purchasing a 3252 membership.

3252 Membership
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The 3252 Membership includes

  • Exclusive 3252 member scarf;

  • The North End enamel pin;

  • Member-exclusive discounts at Soccer Stores (20%), LAFC HQ (15%), BoCS merch kiosks (15%), The Fields (10%/not valid on match days) and more;

  • Access to members-only Facebook community group;

  • Priority for away and home match tickets (when available);

  • And more.

Member Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The 3252 Membership Rules and Regulations

The 3252 ISU Member Code of Conduct

Código de Conducta de la 3252 UIA

(Coming Soon) How to Access Your Digital 3252 Membership Card

Members-Only 3252 Facebook Group

For inquires, contact The 3252 Membership Director at membership@the3252.com.**

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* If the quantity amount is altered at checkout without completing multiple member data forms, additional scarves and pins will be shipped, but the additional purchase(s) will not be considered official memberships of The 3252 and will not receive membership cards, discounts or access to member-exclusive events.

** Emails containing questions that can be answered by viewing one of our Member Resources will not receive a response.