Away Days Match Preview: Derby at Carson

Numerous LAFC supporters and fans will make the trip to Carson on Friday to show support for the Black and Gold as the team continues to trail blaze Major League Soccer. 

We anticipate far more supporters than the hosting security can safely facilitate, below are some tips to help you enjoy your experience at the away venue ahead of the derby.

At a glance: 

  • Uphold The 3252 Code of Conduct .

  • Leave scarves at home, as they are easy targets. Always be mindful of your belongings. 

  • Park in 4A & 4B, DO NOT park in lots 12,13, 3. Lots open at 4 p.m.

  • LAFC Supporters will be in the mezzanine, and scattered throughout the stadium. 

  • The seat on your ticket is where you are allowed to stand/sit. Galaxy officials will not allow relocation. 

  • Embrace the Shoulder To Shoulder spirit. Stay in groups whenever possible.

  • Refrain from Beer/water shower goal celebrations, you may be removed from the venue.

Travel light

Your LAFC or 3252 scarf may be seen as a target and potential trophy for those who do not understand our Shoulder to Shoulder supporter culture. Be aware that Dignity Health Sports Park enforces a clear bag policy.

Parking at DHSP: 

Look for lots 4A and 4B off University Drive Gate I (I as in India). Parking costs $20. Lots 4A and 4B are smaller lots so they may fill up quickly. Lot 7 is the next closest lot and is accessible via Gate H off Central Ave. 

AVOID lots 12, 13 and 3, especially if your vehicle has LAFC stickers or other identifying marks. 

Parking gates open at 4 p.m. aim to arrive as close to this as possible. Tailgating is not allowed at DHSP.


A majority of supporters will be in 226-227 and adjacent sections. We also anticipate many LAFC supporters throughout the mezzanine and the entire stadium. 

The section and seat number indicated on your ticket is your seat. Galaxy officials will not allow you to relocate once inside the venue. 

The 3252 does not handle ticketing. Exercise caution when buying from individuals online, scalpers and scam artists love these marquee match-ups. 


Embrace the Shoulder to Shoulder spirit while at the match, our primary mission is support LAFC and provide them with an unrivaled level of support. Sing and chant as if we were home but be mindful that the Galaxy have rules and guidelines that may prohibit standing in certain sections. 

Refrain from beer and water showers, Galaxy officials may remove you from the venue.

Follow the advice of The 3252 directors and supporter group leaders, who will be on site at various locations around the stadium. 

Shoulder to Shoulder

Stay in groups, especially when going to the restroom or to purchase food and drink. 

Anticipate being held in your seats up to 30 minutes post match as is standard league operating procedure for traveling supporters. Go to the restroom before the 80th minute if necessary.

Timeline of events:

4 p.m. Supporters arrive at DHSP parking lot to begin entering stadium.

4:00 p.m. Supporters will begin entry into venue from the south near the tennis courts.

5:30 p.m. Gates open to the general public.

7 p.m. Kick Off

Helpful links: 


Stadium policies: 

Clear bag policy: 

MLS Fan Code of conduct:



Away matches is when our team needs you the most. Our goal is to bring a little flavor of The North End to any and all away venues. You can find a growing list of our songs and chants on our Instagram IGTV, tag a friend in the comments of the videos to help them learn the lyrics.


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