Our Time Has Come


Thank you for being an integral part of our movement to grow and support the football culture in Los Angeles.

We're excited to celebrate our first LAFC home match and connect with fellow supporters who will stand shoulder to shoulder with us in The North End and throughout Banc of California Stadium.


The 3252 will host pregame tailgating on Christmas Tree Lane.

Our membership team will be on-site registering new members from 10 a.m.-2 p.m while supplies last.
IMPORTANT: No smoke/pyro or glass allowed.

March to the Match

Once the tailgate area has been completely cleaned of all debris, supporters will meet at 4:15 p.m. near the Coliseum Olympic statues. Only The 3252 banner and drums will lead the march into BOCS.

Because of enhanced security, all other 3252 Supporter Group flags and drums must be secured in the stadium before the march.

Supporter Etiquette

The 3252's mission is to cultivate an unrivaled atmosphere at BOCS, our city and the across the league. As such, there are expected guidelines for our active support in The North End.

  • Golden Rule: Embrace the “Shoulder to Shoulder” spirit. Give the level of respect to fellow supporters you expect in return. Violence will not be tolerated.
  • Sing, Jump and Wave Flags: Active support is expected in The North End, and singing and jumping are strongly encouraged. If you don't know a chant, ask a fellow supporter. If you aren’t interested in actively participating, please do not take up space in the front rows from those who will. 
  • Only Capos in the Capo Stands: The 3252 has designated capos, tasked with leading our active support from the march till final whistle.
  • No Cell Phones: Games are meant to be experienced in the moment – cell phone and camera use are discouraged while engaging in active support. 
  • Expect Rain: Goal celebrations will include occasional showers of various liquids including water, beer, etc. If you are especially protective of your authentic kits, prepare accordingly.

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* The 3252 times/events are subject to change without notice. For complete gameday details, visit lafc.com/matchday.